The Leftovers
Matt (Christopher Eccleston, left) and Mary (Janel Moloney, right) run into trouble when they get stuck outside of Miracle in episode 5 of "The Leftovers" Season 2. HBO

Miracle, Texas, is certainly special, but that may not be a good thing. Episode 4 of "The Leftovers" Season 2, "Orange Sticker," put a big crack in the theory that the Departure-free town is any safer than Mapleton or anywhere else. In fact, with Evie (Jasmin Savoy Brown) possibly adding to the list of the Departed and Kevin going on suicidal sleepwalks, it might be even more dangerous these days. In episode 5, "No Room at the Inn," Miracle would test its most ardent believer and one of the town's newest residents -- Matt Jamison (Christopher Eccleston).

The episode begins with Matt's daily routine in Miracle. In addition to dressing and cleaning Mary (Janel Moloney) before putting in hours at the local church, he also watches the video he has been recording of his wife sleeping each night to make sure he does not miss another moment of lucidity -- he claims she woke up from her epileptic state and talked to him their first night in Miracle. He has been feeding her the same meals and doing the same activities in the same order to a T in the hope of it having the same effect. A cruel montage showing Matt's repetitive and futile routine over and over again, abruptly cutting and restarting, emphasizes the toll its taking on the relentless optimist.

Matt takes Mary out of town to get an MRI to assess if there has been any change since their move. Matt tells them to forward the results to their doctor in New York, but they insist on telling him right away in person. The hospital has a problem -- Mary is pregnant. The doctor would never have performed the MRI if he knew. He makes Matt sign a waiver and tells him the odds of Mary miscarrying in her state are almost 90 percent. He is also suspicious about how the baby was conceived, but Matt insists it was during Mary's sudden conscious night -- he would never "do that." The doctor does not quite believe him, but is more than willing to let the potential legal circus walk out the door.

The Leftovers
Matt (Christopher Eccleston, pictured) watches video of Mary (Janel Moloney) sleeping in episode 5 of "The Leftovers" Season 2. HBO

Matt is high on the baby news on the way home. He believes this is why God woke Mary up the one night. When he sees a broken-down car on the side of the road he is more than willing to pay the good karma forward and he pulls over to offer to help. However, when the man (Robert T. Yarborough), who has his young son (Will Lunsford) in the car, sees Mary's state, he hits Matt with a wrench and steals both Matt and Mary's wristbands -- viciously breaking Matt's hand to slip his off -- and cuts their car's transmission before leaving them on the side of the road.

Matt wakes up to Mary telling him to get up and get them back in town to save the baby. Is it real? By the time he stands up she has returned to her vegetative state. Matt walks Mary all the way back to the visitor's center and, despite a physical altercation with an impatient tourist in line, Kevin (Justin Theroux) shows up with John (Kevin Carroll) to save the day. Kevin is willing to help get Matt and Mary new wristbands, but he has one condition.

John snooped and found the results from the MRI and knows Mary is pregnant. He does not want Matt spreading any ideas about miracles around town and wants him to promise to admit to sleeping with Mary in a moment of weakness. He makes him say out loud that Mary never woke up. Matt reluctantly agrees, but when he questions why John is so angry at the town, John decides not to help Matt after all.

Matt and Mary are soon stuck outside again with the scores of camping zealots. Matt finds a man willing to show him a way into town, but he needs a thousand dollars. To get the money he throws himself at the mercy of a woman at a trailer adorned with a cross. She tests him to confirm that he is a man of God, including asking him his favorite book of the Bible -- he answers with Job, ironically. Then, she makes him beat a repenting man over the back with an oar.

After he has his money, Matt is shown a way into town through a storm vent. Unfortunately, a flash storm makes getting in impossible and a broken Matt retreats back into camp having lost his wife's wheelchair.

Luckily, Nora (Carrie Coon) is waiting back at camp! She called in an anonymous tip that the missing girls had been spotted in camp. That allows Kevin and Nora to sneak Matt and Mary back into town in their car's trunk. However, just inside the border they come across a car crash caused by goats in the road. The man who stole Matt's wristband is dead. Matt takes his wristband back and finds the man's son nearby, who returns the other wristband. Matt asks Nora to watch over Mary, but he leaves with the boy with other plans. He finds John in the middle of the night and leaves him the boy and his wristband. Then he leaves town again.

Earlier in the episode, Matt found a group of campers who had a man locked in stocks while the others threw fruit at him and cursed him -- repent had been written across the stocks. When a woman asked Matt if he wanted the free the man, she said he would have to take his place. At the end of the episode Matt returns and agrees to do just that.

"Why," the woman asked.

"It's my turn," Matt replied.

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