Fans of “Arrow” have a lot to be excited for in Season 4, not the least of which being how the show will set up the upcoming spinoff “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.” Now, one key character that will bridge the gap between the world of Star City and “Legends” is already lining up a love interest for when the show premieres in 2016.

After Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) died for the third time in Season 3 of the hit CW series, it seemed like this time she was gone for good. That’s why fans were over the moon excited to see the character return once again in the first promo for “Legends of Tomorrow.” Now, with her character, the White Canary, on her way back to the DC Comics TV universe, it appears she’s got a new guy already waiting in the wings (pun intended).

TV Line reports that the character will rub noses with another former “Arrow” character headed to “Legends,” Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh). After surviving his own certain death experience, the tech genius is leaving Star City behind and moving on to better things as a time traveling superhero with a mech-suit of shrinkable armor – you know, that old story. Well, according to “Legends” executive producer Phil Klemmer, a Ray and Sara pairing is in the works for the midseason series.

Speaking at 2015 New York Comic Con, Klemmer was asked by a fan about a possible pairing between the two characters. He confessed that any time two people are in close proximity in life or death situations, like say adventuring through time to stop an immortal supervillain, things can get a little weird relationship-wise.  While he stopped short of promising a long-standing romance between the two, it looks like Sarah will get a bit of revenge on Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) for stealing her ex, Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell), by getting together with Felicity’s ex, Ray.

However, as fans will know, within the current canon of the “Arrow” universe, Sara is dead and partially in the ground. Last week’s Season 4 episode of “Arrow,” “The Candidate,” saw Sara’s sister Laurel (Katie Cassidy) dig up her body in order to bring it to the League of Assassin’s Lazarus Pit. The Pit resurrected Thea (Willa Holland) at the end of Season 3, but she’s been exhibiting signs of side effects ever since. CTV reports that fans can expect Sara’s return to come with a pretty big caveat as well.

“There has to be repercussions of what she’s been through,” actress Caity Lotz told the outlet. “It’s going to have a toll. Just like Thea went into the Lazarus Pit and you saw how that affected her, and Sara’s dead for a long time. So I feel like there’s going to be a big shift.”

Luckily for her, Ray already has an extensive history of dating women with incredibly complicated back stories. Fans will just have to wait and see how it all plays out in the coming episodes of “Arrow” Season 4 as well as the 2016 premiere of “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.”