Maybe you’ve seen many sites promising to pay you with Bitcoin for performing small tasks. However, these websites will pay you a few bitcoins. Earning free bitcoins is beneficial because the value of this virtual currency increases over time. Thus, you can end up making good profits from performing small tasks to earn bitcoins. Here are some of the legit methods for earning Bitcoin online.

Use Bitcoin Faucets

This method of earning Bitcoin is a specific feature on sites that provide Bitcoins to visitors constantly. For instance, a website can dispatch free Bitcoin as a promotion or reward every second. Nevertheless, the amount you can get from such a website is exceedingly small, and only a single user gets it after a few minutes. Ideally, the faucet wants to hold visitors longer to generate better advertisement revenue for the owner. This method also increases engagement.


Bitcoin trading is also another legit method for earning this virtual currency online. Platforms like Crypto Trader allow users to purchase and sell Bitcoin for profit. All you do is register with the platform to start buying Bitcoin with fiat money and sell it later when the price increases. Perhaps, you can check bitcoin circuit to know more.

Nevertheless, Bitcoin trading requires careful consideration of price variations. That’s because you should purchase this virtual currency when the price is low and sell it when it increases to make a profit. Luckily, online trading bots provide real-time crypto market information to guide traders in making their decisions.

Playing Online Games

Many online casinos and websites allow internet users to play different games and win prizes whose payout is Bitcoin. Ideally, you can play online games on your computer or mobile phone to earn Bitcoin.

Online games provide platforms where advertisers can reach their target markets. Nevertheless, the Bitcoin reward you will get from playing an online game is relatively low compared to other methods like trading.

Online Shopping Rewards

You can also shop online to earn free Bitcoin. Ideally, some companies reward their customers for shopping online with Bitcoin. However, you might need a browser extension to earn Bitcoin from shopping online.

Several stores and products give consumers cash-back on their purchases. And this cash-back is in the form of Bitcoin. For instance, a store can reward you with free bitcoins for purchasing a specific product. Nevertheless, you might need a particular app for the store to start shopping and earning bitcoins as your reward.

Bitcoin Lending

Lending is another legit method for earning Bitcoin online. Currently, the internet has many lending platforms where you can give borrowers your money and make interest. Peer-to-peer lending platforms connect Bitcoin borrowers and lenders. However, choose a platform that guarantees the safety of your bitcoins and interest for lending your funds to somebody else.

Doing Micro Jobs

You can also earn Bitcoin online by completing specific tasks. For instance, some websites pay visitors to take surveys, optimize or analyze their designs, or share their social media posts. And the payment is usually in the form of Bitcoin.

In some cases, a website can post a question and give the person a small reward in Bitcoin with the correct answer. Thus, you might need some knowledge or skills to earn Bitcoin by completing tasks on such websites.

Referral Programs

Affiliate or referral programs also provide legit ways to earn Bitcoin online. For instance, you can earn bitcoins for referring a relative to an online service. And both of you could get discounts, accumulate your reward points, and get bitcoins as a bonus.

Final Thoughts

The internet provides many legit methods to earn Bitcoin. Some of these methods require a little investment, while others are free. Nevertheless, take your time researching different methods for making Bitcoin online to choose legit and well-paying ways.