A new Lenovo patent may have revealed the company’s design for their foldable phone. The patent shows a new design that the company can use to compete with leading foldable display smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X. Here’s what we know about this new patent.

According to MsPowerUser, the new Lenovo patent features a large rectangular device that has a foldable lower part. The device consists of a large display on its front and a smaller display on the lower part of its back. The design allows the user to have two screens when the device is folded and have the full screen when unfolded.

Most foldable display designs lean on a book-style fold where the sides of the device or the device itself folds inward like closing a book. In terms of uniqueness, the Lenovo patent shows promise as it would make the phone stand out from other devices.

So far, the Lenovo patent seems to favor a portable tablet rather than a smartphone/tablet hybrid. When folded, the Lenovo device could save some space as the device won’t have its full rectangular shape hanging out in your pockets or bag. When folded, the device also has two screens, which could be for a quick update display on its back and the main display on the front.

In terms of competition, Lenovo is actually taking the lead in this design as other companies such as Oppo and ZTE are also looking to release this type of foldable display device. However, Lenovo has already been working on prototypes of this device, which gives them a large lead from the competition who have not yet started.

The foldable display device race is being led by Samsung and Huawei as they’re already working on the device and out of the planning phase of development. Other Android smartphone developers are planning to enter the market too but are still in the process of forming their device.

Surprisingly, Apple has yet to announce their device for this market, even though the tech giant had always been in the lead when it comes to feature innovation.