lethal weapon 309
Murtaugh (Damon Wayans) runs through a crowd of Santas in the Season 3 fall finale of “Lethal Weapon.” Ray Mickshaw/Fox

Get ready for an action-packed, Christmas-themed episode of “Lethal Weapon” for its Season 3 fall finale on Fox tonight.

During episode 9 of the season, titled “Bad Santas,” the whole Robbery/Homicide Division seems to have some trouble during the holidays.

The synopsis reveals, “Cole [Seann William Scott] gets into the holiday spirit for his first Christmas with Maya [Shay Rudolph], while Murtaugh [Damon Wayans] hopes he can convince RJ [Dante Brown] to come back home from Costa Rica for the holidays.

“At the precinct, Cole and Murtaugh are saddled with a complicated burglary and home invasion case. Meanwhile, Avery’s [Kevin Rahm] holidays are a bit blue, and Bailey [Michelle Mitchenor] is still trying to figure out her new partner.”

What else can you expect from the “Lethal Weapon” Season 3 fall finale? The narration of the episode promo, sung to the tune of “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” explains it best.

“On the next ‘Lethal Weapon,’ you will surely see: four crashing cars, three chainsaws, two body bags and a Santa under arrest.”

You’ll find out the context for all of that when Season 3, episode 9 of “Lethal Weapon” airs on Fox on Tuesday at 9 p.m. EST.