The trend of curved-screen smartphones, pioneered by Samsung, has apparently caught the attention of other OEMs as well as reportedly trademarked an LG G Edge variant.

At the CES 2015 event, LG reportedly showcased a double-edge-curved display clad smartphone to a selected few. The LG G Flex lineup has flaunted flexible devices for a couple of years now. However, LG has not released a device with edge display so far.

Meanwhile, Phandroid reported that LG could be looking forward to producing Edge variants as the tech giant reportedly recently filed trademarks for 8 names. All of these variants have “Edge” appended to the moniker. The names include “Super Edge,” “Dual Edge,” “Upper Edge,” “Dual Side Edge,” “Side Edge,” “Double Edge,” “Two Edge” and “G Edge."

Phone Arena, on the other hand, reported that it is quite possible that LG could be working on a dual-edge variant, similar to the Galaxy S6 Edge. Therefore, the trademarked names “Dual Edge”, “Dual Side Edge”, “Double Edge” and “Two Edge” sound logical. At the same time, the name “Upper Edge” could mean the bezels wrapping the top of the smartphone, instead of the sides.

Although LG has not yet confirmed anything about the handset, Phone Arena reported that the South Korean tech giant can be expected to announce the device in late-2016 or beyond.