A new report claims that the LG V30, the successor to 2016’s LG V20, might arrive sooner than the usual. Additionally, the report also says that the LG G7 might arrive early in January 2018.

LG is considering to move up the launch of its next flagship, the LG V30 by a couple of months, according to the Korean news site Aju News. Last year’s LG V20 was released last year in October, but the report claims that its successor might arrive this August.

If true, LG will be pushing out the LG V30 a month earlier than its usual release window. LG’s motivation behind this is that the phone maker wants to get a head-start on its rivals, particularly Apple, which is expected to unveil the iPhone 8 in September.

Samsung did the same thing last year by announcing the Galaxy Note 7 early in August, but that ended up being a disaster. Something similar happening to LG seems unlikely, but it does show that trying to get ahead of the competition can backfire.

LG has seen success by releasing its phones earlier than its rivals. The LG G6 was launched a month before Samsung’s Galaxy S8. LG was already able to sell 300,000 units of the G6 in its first two days of availability, according to Slash Gear. Perhaps LG simply wants to replicate that same kind of success with the V30.

With LG planning to launch the V30 early, it might get ahead of Apple, but it might also go head-to-head with Samsung. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 is also rumored to be announced this August. That announcement might steal the spotlight from LG, but the Galaxy Note 8 might become available for sale sometime in September, while the V30 might actually be available to buy in August. There’s not much word on the LG V30’s specs, but previous rumors suggest that it might arrive with teh Qualcomm Snapdragon 836 processor.

As for the LG G7, the new report claims that the 2018 flagship might launch in January. If true, this would be completely be out of sync with LG’s usual product reveal during the Mobile World Congress.

MWC takes place in Barcelona at the tail-end of February. The LG G6 was announced at MWC 2017, and was released in March. If the LG G7 is unveiled on January, it could go on sale in February.

Although it looks like LG is rushing with its 2018 flagship, the company already begun the development of the G7 last month. IBT previously reported that LG and Qualcomm were teaming up for the G7, and are planning to put the Snapdragon 845 processor on the handset.

When the LG G6 launched, some consumers felt like they weren’t getting the best and latest as it came with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 821, instead of the more powerful and efficient Snapdragon 835. With the LG G7, it looks like LG doesn’t want that to happen again, while also still trying to stay ahead of its rivals.

“Nothing has been decided on the launch schedule of the upcoming phones,” an LG spokesperson said.