LG V20
The successor to the LG V20 will feature customizable voice commands. Reuters/Kim Hong-Ji

LG is gearing up for the debut of its V30 phablet a couple of weeks from now, so to fuel more attention toward the new handset it has revealed some of the phone’s features this week. The Galaxy Note 8 rival is said to come with new security features and a new user interface that takes advantage of its FullVision display.

On Monday, LG published an news update about the V30 on its online Newsroom, discussing mainly the personalization options of the device. Mentioned in the post is the customizations the Voice Recognition feature has. Apparently, LG is introducing a new technology that would allow users to unlock the handset without pressing a button or touching the device. This technology relies only on custom voice commands.

Setting the upcoming phone apart from the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy S8, Apple’s iPhones and other Android-running devices, the V30’s Voice Recognition feature will allow owners to create voice commands to unlock their handset without making physical contact. The best commands to use are those with three to five syllables only. A good example to this would be “Good Day.” When the user says this command, the smartphone will respond by unlocking itself for use.

The idea that the LG V30 is always listening to its surroundings for the user’s voice command may suggest that it’s utilizing a lot of battery, but this is actually not the case here. LG is using Qualcomm’s Aqstic Voice UI technology, so that the Android phone would always stay on and would remain listening without significantly affecting the longevity of its battery.

LG also shed light on the inclusion of an advanced facial recognition scanner into the V30. With this technology, it would be easier for users to instantly unlock the device by just looking at its front camera. This feature will work even when the display is off. Compared to the Galaxy S8, LG’s technology is more convenient since it does not require the user to press the power button before lifting the device up for a facial scan, as pointed out by Korea Herald.

The South Korean electronics company also indicated in its report that the LG V30 will come with the new UX 6.0+ software. This new version of LG’s UX is designed to take advantage of the handset’s 18:9 OLED FullVision display. “The new UX is designed so that users can leverage its advanced capabilities to the fullest,” LG said.

Meanwhile, since LG has decided to ditch the signature V-series secondary screen, it has come up with a replacement for the feature. The V30 will come with a feature called Floating Bar, which is basically a semi-transparent bar that shows all of the commonly used functions, shortcuts and notifications. The Floating Bar can be deactivated when not needed.

In terms of camera technology, LG is proud to share that the V30 has a feature called Graphy, which gives the device the capacity to produce professional quality photographs. Graphy is found in the Camera app’s Manual Mode, and it houses a variety of professional shots that users can follow by using the metadata presets of any of the shots into the photo they are taking.

Other features of the V30 will be uncovered when it’s time for the manufacturer to unveil the device to the world. LG is set to formally introduce its V30 smartphone on Aug. 31 during IFA in Berlin, Germany. The handset is then expected to launch on Sept. 15.