The LG V30 has already been seen in action with HitRecord publishing a series of videos showing off the upcoming handset. REUTERS/Rick Wilking

LG Electronics is expected to unveil its V30 smartphone on Aug. 31, but it looks like one of the company’s partners have already leaked it. HitRecord.com, Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s online video production company, published a few videos showing off the LG V30 in action.

The videos showing off the LG V30 have already been taken down, but luckily, Gizmodo was able to capture some screenshots before they were deleted. The videos confirm previous rumors that the LG V30 would look like a combination of the LG V20 and the LG G6. The videos also match previously leaked renders for the handset.

LG V30
Screenshot showing off the LG V30. Gizmodo/HitRecord

Up front, the V30 appears to feature very thin bezels, while the back of the handset comes with a glossy glass body. Although the screenshots are a bit blurry, the V30 logo can still be seen on the device’s back. Also, the videos appear to confirm that the LG V30 won’t feature the signature secondary display of the V series.

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The dual-camera setup makes a return to the LG V30. In one of the videos, the camera app appears to be similar to the ones found on LG’s most current phones. One of the videos also shows that the camera app on the LG V30 will still have the same kind of manual video controls that's been a staple in LG's most recent smartphones like the LG G6.

Gordon-Levitt’s HitRecord has been partnering with LG over the last several years, and this year seems to be no different, as pointed out by 9To5Google. It looks like the videos shared on the website were part of that partnership to promote the LG V30.

LG V30
Screenshot showing off LG's camera app on the LG V30. Gizmodo/HitRecord

The videos were created and submitted by users who took part in a contest hosted by HitRecord. There really is no way of telling if this was an intentional "leak" by LG or if HitRecord simply jumped the gun on this one.

The videos not only showed off the phone, but they were also shot using the LG V30. LG hasn’t officially announced anything yet, but it does look like the videos have outed the finalized hardware of the V30.

Unfortunately, there was no shot of the rumored “floating bar” feature. Last week, IBT reported that the LG V30 would arrive with a “floating bar” feature that would supplant the absence of the secondary display. The new feature is believed to provide users quick access to app shortcuts and notifications.

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LG V30
Screenshot showing off the LG V30's 6-inch P-OLED FullVision display. Droid-Life/HitRecord

The same week, LG Electronics also announced through a press release that it would be using a 6-inch P-OLED FullVision display for its “next major smartphone.” Although the company tried to be vague about that smartphone, it’s clear that the company was referring to the LG V30.

Droid-Life also managed to capture a few screenshots of the LG V30, and they clearly show the device’s 6-inch P-OLED display with the previously reported rounded edges and very thin bezels.

LG has already sent out invites for a press event on Aug. 31, just a day before IFA Berlin 2017 kicks off. The LG V30 is expected to be announced at the press event, while users will most likely be able to see the V30 up close during IFA.