• LG confirmed a COVID-19 case in one of its factories in South Korea
  • The company has suspended operations and is taking action against the outbreak
  • LG has yet to say when it'll resume operations

South Korean tech company LG is now shutting down operations after a COVID-19 case is confirmed in one of its factories. The company is now taking steps to disinfect the factory and resume operations soon. This case could potentially affect LG’s partners in technology who rely on their products.

According to a report from Reuters, LG Innoteck confirmed that it had one employee that tested positive for COVID-19. The company has closed down its factory in Gumi in reaction to the outbreak. The factory will be closed for disinfection on Monday. As for reopening the factory, LG has yet to release an official statement.

Samsung has also met a similar situation with one of its factories in South Korea. The company also issued immediate action as the factory got its operations suspended and took steps to quarantine and disinfect. Overall, both companies has done its part in containing the outbreak.

South Korea is known to be the second country to be heavily affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. Cases of the infection have yet to be curbed and has been increasing as the weeks roll in.

Meanwhile, one of LG’s biggest client, Apple, has also been monitoring the outbreak in South Korea. Some of Apple’s suppliers such as LG and Samsung were already affected as seen in their factories. LG Innoteck is providing camera modules for Apple and this suspension could affect the production line for both LG and Apple.

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