UPDATE: Beginning at 6:40 PM, hourly eastbound train service will operate from Penn Station for the Ronkonkoma, Huntington and Babylon branches (from the MTA Web site)

Lighting struck down near the Jamaica station on the Long Island Railroad during peak rush hour, suspending service from Penn Station in Manhattan to most Long Island destinations. All but one line, the Port Washinton line, are suspended until further notice; and there is limited service between Brooklyn's Atlantic Station and Jamaica Station.

The MTA Web site suggested an alternate route of the E, J, or Z train to Jamaica station. Commuters can pick up the E train in midtown Manhattan, the Financial District, or take the Grand Central Station shuttle and transfer to the E at Court Street in Long Island City, Queens. The J and Z train stations can be found in Lower Manhattan near Wall Street.

The LIRR is a heavily used commuter train connecting New York City to Long Island and parts of Queens. It is also a popular route used to travel to JFK airport: The Airtran runs between Jamaica Station and airport terminals.