• Lil Nas X revealed his sexuality in 2019 
  • Nas X shared a passionate kiss with a male dancer Sunday
  • He performed "Montero (Call Me By My Name)" during the BET Award show

Lil Nas X responded to his haters after sharing a passionate kiss with a male dancer during his BET Awards performance Sunday night.

The 22-year-old singer took to Twitter on Monday to slam his "homophobic" haters.

"Y'all hate yourselves so much. Y'all live your lives trying your best to appease straight ppl," the singer replied to a now-deleted tweet from a social media user who criticized his behavior. "Y'all are uncomfortable with what I do because y'all are afraid they will be uncomfortable with you."

"Work on yourselves, i love who i am and whatever i decide to do. Get there," Nas X wrote.

He also noted that it's been four months since he announced his sexuality "and people are still acting surprised that I am being gay and sexual in performances of a song about gay and sexual s--t."

The singer performed "Montero (Call Me By My Name)" at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles on Sunday.

He requoted his own tweet and said the song was "literally about gay sex what y'all want me to do play the piano while baking a cake?"

One user claimed that Nas X was insecure about his sexuality because of which he was "over compensating for it." "Gay people who know themselves don't constantly have to remind eveyone that they are gay. Take a look at yourself on the mirror bro," the user noted.

While replying to the comment, the singer admitted that he was "insecure" about his sexuality because he "still have a long way to go. I've never denied that. when you're conditioned by society to hate yourself your entire life it takes a lot of unlearning. which is exactly why I do what I do."

The singer also replied to another user who seemed concerned that kids might be watching the show. "That's not my problem, stop letting ur kids watch the bet awards nigga put on cocomelon," he tweeted.

The singer also noted that it took him "a lot of time to mentally prepare for this performance."

"While on stage I was trembling knowing that I was performing something like that in front of my straight peers," he added. "Even during the performance i was having a hard time calming my nerves. thank you guys for the love."

When a fan asked the singer why he had to force himself to do something like this, Nas X replied, "If you don't push yourself outside of your comfort zone you will never grow."

Nas X announced he is gay on the last day of Pride Month in 2019.

Lil Nas X skyrocketed to fame in 2019 on the back of his country-trap viral smash hit "Old Town Road"
Lil Nas X skyrocketed to fame in 2019 on the back of his country-trap viral smash hit "Old Town Road" AFP / Johannes EISELE