Lindsay Lohan has not been off of formal probation very long and it looks like her troubles are catching up with her again. Lohan is being accused of returning to the club where she allegedly got into a fight with a waitress earlier this month.

Two weeks ago, an employee at Smoke and Mirrors night club on the Sunset Strip accused Lohan of assaulting her after she talked to a man in Lohan's group. The employee said that Lohan pushed and shoved her. Lohan is claiming that she was not even at the club that night, but at home catching up on the Showtime series Homeland. There are witnesses that say they saw Lohan at the club and witnesses that said they did not.

Last night, Lohan reportedly returned to Smoke and Mirrors and got into another altercation. Lohan reportedly came to the club with a friend and was the passenger in a car that hit another car while pulling in. After the incident Lohan called her dad, Michael Lohan, and he showed up and brought Lohan into the club, where they talked for several hours. When it was time to leave, a patron at the club made a snide remark to Lohan and she yelled back, shut the f**k up. Lohan got a drink thrown in her face and her dad grabbed her and they left.

Lohan has been in and out of jails, rehabs and probation for the past few years. She recently came off of formal probation and the judge gave her some advice about getting her life together.

'You need to live your life in a more mature way, stop clubbing and focus on work, Judge Stephanie Sautner said to Lohan.

Last week Lohan was seen at the music festival, Coachella, but was not seen drinking.