Facebook may have created a buzz with its public offering, but professionals in the Internet sphere shouldn't forget about LinkedIn. Referred to as the professional network, a new study from Bullhorn Reach shows that 48 percent of job recruiters are using LinkedIn exclusively. Although 21 percent are present on all three major social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), only one percent are using the other two social media sites exclusively.

If you are serious about finding a job, Facebook should not be your first stop, President and CEO of Bullhorn Art Papas said in a written statement. There is a huge disconnect between where people are looking for jobs and where they will actually find one-job seekers are focusing on Facebook, while recruiters are on LinkedIn.

But LinkedIn may be grouped in to the wrong media circle when it comes to competition. Some online marketers would argue that Facebook is more effective in terms of advertising and reaching a larger audience because it connects with a wider range of people. LinkedIn, on the other hand, is usually used for business rather than recreation, making it more comparable to job recruiting websites such as Monster. In July LinkedIn further proved this by blocking API access to its site from Monster's social media outlet BeKnown and BranchOut.

Professional networkers are social in nature and LinkedIn has just limited their ability to connect when and where they want, Monster reps said in a statement after LinkedIn denied API access.

The study also found that LinkedIn is growing at the fastest pace when it comes to expanding. The average recruiter adds 18.5 LinkedIn connections each week, 3.3 Twitter followers and 1.4 Facebook friends.

Network size also plays a role, with the statistics showing that 75 percent of recruiters have 100 or less Twitter followers, 28 percent have over 1,000 LinkedIn connections, and 21 percent have 50 or less Facebook friends.

So for those of you frantically deleting photos and tailoring your privacy settings on Facebook, it might be time to shift your focus to LinkedIn.