Briana Renee pregnancy update
“Little Women: LA” star Briana Renee was rushed to hospital after going into labor while six months pregnant with her second child. Lifetime

“Little Women: LA” star Matt Ericson continued to keep Briana Renee’s family away, even though the star went into premature labor at six months pregnant, Radar Online wrote in an exclusive report Friday. Because of Ericson's apparent "isolation," her father couldn’t confirm if Renee was in the hospital since he hasn’t spoken to his daughter in more than a year.

“Matt doesn’t let us speak to her. This guy has control of her phone and he answers her texts,” Renee's father, Robert Kealiher, told Radar Online. “Nobody has been able to contact her. This guy has isolated everyone around her… I haven’t talked to her in a year.”

Renee has not confirmed on social media that she is in the hospital. Instead, she only promoted the Lifetime special “Little Women LA: Matt & Briana,” where Ericson apologizes for sexting to other women during their marriage. "I'm sorry. You don't deserve this," he says in sneak peek clip of the two-hour episode.

But Renee says Ericson’s apology is all about himself. "I understand he's hurting. I understand he's sorry. I understand all that, but I don't care," the Lifetime reality star says. When Renee asked Ericson to write a list of why they should stay together, he wasn’t able to win her over: "Hearing the list Matt wrote, I still feel a lot of it is very much about him."

Renee’s relationship with Ericson has been controversial on “Little Women: LA” from the start. Her friends on the show pointed out he had inappropriate relationships with other women in the past and was accused of domestic violence. “Everyone says he’s not a nice guy,” Renee’s father told Radar Online. “He’s a wacko!”

Renee remained loyal to her husband during Part 1 of the Season 4 “Little Women: LA” reunion special Wednesday, despite his betrayal. Her castmates urged her to leave Ericson. “She’s very gullible,” Kealiher said. “I’m sure he’s using her for his gain.”

Part 2 of the Season 4 “Little Women: LA” reunion special airs Wednesday at 9 p.m. EDT on Lifetime. “Little Women: LA: Matt & Briana” airs May 11 on Lifetime. An air time has not yet been provided.

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