Terra Jolé Little Women LA Season 5
Terra Jolé (pictured) mocks Christy Mcginity in video promoting “Little Women: LA” Season 5. Lifetime

The “Little Women: LA” Season 5 premiere is only a few days away, and it looks like cast members Terra Jolé and Christy Mcginity still haven’t squashed their feud. In an Instagram video to promote the new season of the Lifetime show Terra and her husband, Joe Gnoffo, mocked Christy and her man, Todd Gibel.

“Hey y’all we have six more days until the ‘Little Women: LA’ premiere Season 5 and I just had a few questions for my husband. Who do you think is gonna cry first?” she says in the video. Terra, who’s pregnant with her second child, then turns the camera to show Joe lounging in a pool. He responds: “Crusty” as a scene from last season flashes on the screen showing Christy covered in mud as she cries to her husband. “Or Todd when he wakes up next to Crusty,” Joe adds.

In a sneak peek for Season 5, which kicks off July 13, Terra confronts Christy about the possibility of her going to jail stemming from a fight they had. “Picture how it would feel if you were taken away from Todd, if you were in jail,” Terra tells her co-star. The teaser also shows the pair getting into another argument while they’re hanging out with Tonya Banks.

Last season, Christy was sent to the hospital after she got into an altercation at a bar with Terra. Christy said she suffered a brain injury after Terra threw a cup at her head. Police eventually got involved, and Terra was fearful that the fight could land her behind bars. In February Terra opened up about the scuffle telling “Entertainment Tonight” that it started off as a “verbal discussion” and escalated into an “unfortunate situation.”

“It’s been a situation that has changed my life,” she admitted to the outlet. “I can only say so much, because it’s still under investigation. There was ice tea that I threw at her, but there were multiple things thrown at me.”

To see how Terra and Christy’s relationship will play out this season, tune into “Little Women: LA” Season 5, which premieres July 13 at 9 p.m. EDT on Lifetime.