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After 10 years of letting users remotely access their computers for no charge, LogMeIn Inc. (NASDAQ: LOGM) is killing LogMeIn Free.

The company announced that beginning on Tuesday, it will gradually migrate users of its free products over to LogMeIn Pro, meaning users will need to purchase a subscription in order to continue remote access of their computers.

At the most basic levels of LogMeIn Pro, users get remote access to two or more computers, remote printing and the ability to manage and transfer files. Users can also sync with cloud products like Dropbox, Google Drive and SkyDrive.

“We believe that, with this change, our customers will have the best desktop, cloud, and mobile access experience available on the market today,” LogMeIn wrote on its forum.

LogMeIn said it will notify users who currently use LogMeIn Free over the coming days and weeks. If a current user logs in using their LogMeIn Free account, they have seven days to upgrade.

LogMeIn also said that users who paid for an Android and iOS app to access LogMeIn Free will get a special offer to ease the transition to a premium LogMeIn account.

Of course, this hasn’t prevented the Internet from getting outraged. Reddit threads regarding the news have been predictably filled with indignation; most of it directed at having to purchase a monthly subscription after paying for an app they believed would only require a one-time fee to access LogMeIn’s services.

The market, on the other hand, has reacted positively. Shares of LogMeIn closed up nearly 2 points after the first day of the new policy.

Are you a LogMeIn Free user? Will you upgrade to a paid LogMeIn account? Let us know in the comments.