The metaverse has exposed the world to many opportunities with different projects that are now disrupting the art scene and gaming industry, among other sectors. One such project is Decentral Games, which has redefined the gaming field, allowing players to own and control their futures. But what really are Decentral Games, and how will they benefit the creators and investors?

According to Miles, the founder and CEO of Decentral Games, this is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) focused on building NFT-based games that reward you for playing. He explains that, unlike other games, these are play-to-earn games in the metaverse that are meant to benefit both the players and developers.

“The gaming industry has greatly evolved over the years,” says Miles. However, with the metaverse, players now have an easier way to connect and enjoy gaming.

Miles notes that, unlike some years back, players now do not require to switch on or exit a gaming platform even after they finish playing their session. “The metaverse is creating excitement among players by providing a virtual space that is a digital replication of the real world, allowing them to own and control their futures,” says Miles.

Having been in the gaming and NFT spaces for years, Miles has leveraged his experience to help others in the industry by creating Decentral Games. He says that one of the main reasons he started Decentral Games was to address the metaverse use case of multi-player waged games developing more engaging experiences and motivating players to follow their passion. Miles has made gaming more fun and exciting by allowing gamers to make money from participating in various games.

Decentral Games' unique approach and user-friendly platform are helping Miles and his team achieve their goals of supporting players in monetizing their passions. Decentral Games run compliant casinos in Decentraland and have many games. Miles explains that in Decentraland, players can freely socialize and compete directly through virtual avatars that each participant designs.

Decentral Games has also launched its native token, $DG, making it the first DAO to own, govern, and monetize virtual land. This allows Decentral Games to align all parties through the distribution and appreciation, ensuring everyone benefits from any game they play. Decentral Games allows its users to lend out their NFTs for passive earning and still have their assets in their wallets.

Additionally, the holders of the $DG token will get to vote on proposals for new games and features, helping Miles build an inclusive and engaging community of gamers. As a young person, Miles says that he wants to support others in the gaming industry through his platform, changing how people view the field as he shows his audience that no dream is too big to attain.

When Miles started his first business, he was still in college, but he didn't let that stop him. He later graduated and ventured into the crypto world, which is how he came to learn about the metaverse. While it was still a new concept, Miles Anthony took a huge risk and invested in his idea, and years later, he is the founder of one of the leading projects in the gaming industry.