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  • Idaho murder suspect Lori Vallow allegedly searched for insurance policies online
  • Vallow allegedly also searched for wedding rings though her spouse was still alive.
  • Vallow, Alex Cox and Chad Daybell used a total of 21 burner phones during the murders

More chilling evidence got revealed during the murder trial of Lori Vallow Daybell.

The Independent reported that Nicole Heideman, an analyst at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), testified in Ada County Courthouse in Boise, Idaho, regarding the shocking discoveries on the 49-year-old "doomsday cult mom's" smartphones and online accounts.

Vallow allegedly used her Google Mail account "lollytime4ever" in July 2019 to search "Gerber life insurance policy" and "life insurance for children - the Grow-Up Plan."

According to the website of Gerber Life Insurance, its Grow-Up Plan has a "locked-in childhood premium" and coverage that "will automatically double at no extra cost."

"Give them $50,000 in coverage today and watch it become $100,000 during age 18," according to Gerber Life's website.

Heideman said Vallow's alleged Gmail account also searched for how to sell a service dog.

Seven-year-old Joshua, Vallow's son, also known as JJ, used a service dog since he had autism.

Vallow's suspected Gmail account also appeared to have searched about wedding rings while her's and Chad Daybell's spouses were still alive.

In August 2019, Vallow allegedly searched for "malachite wedding rings," according to Rexburg Police Detective David Stubbs.

The same Gmail account would later purchase two malachite wedding rings for $808 in October, a few days before Tammy Daybell, Chad's first wife, died.

On Oct. 22, the day of Tammy's funeral, Vallow's alleged account searched the terms "wedding dresses" and "wedding dresses in Kauai."

Vallow and Daybell married in Hawaii on Nov. 5, 2019, with pictures showing them wearing the malachite wedding rings.

Jurors have also learned how Vallow and her alleged co-conspirators used a trove of burner phones during the time of the murders.

Vallow, her brother Alex Cox and Daybell used a total of 21 burner phones for 18 months, with 18 of them billed to a post office box in Sugar City, Idaho.

A phone belonging to Cox pinged at both Vallow's apartment and the pet cemetery on Daybell's property on Sept. 9 and 23, when Tylee Ryan, 16, and JJ were buried there.

On Sept. 9, Daybell allegedly searched the wind direction for the next day.

"[It was] the day Chad Daybell had said he was going to burn limbs and killed a raccoon in his year," Stubbs said.

A grand jury indicted Vallow and Daybell after they were accused of murder, conspiracy and grand theft in connection with the deaths of Tylee and Joshua.

Authorities accused Vallow and Daybell of conspiring with Cox to murder the three people as part of their doomsday cult beliefs. Prosecutors added that the three suspects were also interested in Tammy's life insurance policy and the children's social security and survivor benefits.

Tylee and JJ were reported missing in November 2019 by their grandparents. Rexburg police officers tried to conduct a welfare check and later executed search warrants to find the children. But the authorities observed that the couple seemed unconcerned despite their missing children, the New York Times reported.

The remains of the two children were found buried on Daybell's property in November 2020.

Daybell has also been charged with first-degree murder for allegedly killing his former wife, Tammy. The couple was also charged with one count of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder in Tammy's death.

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