Milan Christopher dumps Miles Brock
"Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" star Milan Christopher (pictured) reportedly broke up with his boyfriend Miles Brock. Pictured: Milan Christopher at Chaz Dean's Summer Party Benefiting Love Is Louder on Aug. 2, 2014 in Los Angeles. Getty Images

Milan Christopher and his boyfriend, Miles Brock, have had a rocky relationship all season on VH1's "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood." While it was clear on the show that Milan was in love with Miles, the rapper struggled with coming out to his friends and family as gay, which often caused tension between the pair.

On the Oct. 5 episode, Milan threw Miles out of their house because he was still sneaking around with his ex-girlfriend and “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” co-star Amber Laura. Miles explained that he was trying to discuss his sexuality with Amber but got cold feet at the last minute.

In Monday's episode, the rapper finally decided he was ready to come clean to Amber and asked her to meet him at a therapist’s office. Miles also said on the show that he was trying to get back together with Milan, but it looks like the pair wasn't able to resolve their issues.

According to Wetpaint, Milan took to Instagram earlier this week to tell fans he and Miles were no longer a couple and slammed his supposed ex for trying to use him in order to gain popularity.

“@Siirbrock can you stop posting me on your page with your fake a--bull----. Don’t add me to your story and this pitty party you trying to create for yourself," Milan allegedly posted. "You got two more Monday’s and millions of viewers of that s---. No need to bring me on your social media knowing we broke up. You road my name and used me enough don’t you think. Thanks in advance.”

Even though there are rumors the two have called it quits, Milan still has photos of Miles posted on his Instagram account. Last week, the model and actor even shared an image of their matching tattoos.

Miles also has photos of his "Love & Hip Hop" co-star scatted across his own Instagram page, including a picture of himself, Miles and Amber. “Please don’t judge me… and I won’t judge you… Cuz it can get ugly… Before it gets BEAUTIFUL," Miles captioned the photo. "People act like they would’ve rather me NOT tell her. Crazy.”

On Wednesday, Miles and Milan opened up to VH1 about how hard it was to be an openly gay couple in the hip hop industry. Miles told the site coming out publicly was the "hardest thing [he's] ever done."

“It definitely is hard," he said. "Taking a stance and saying ‘Hey, this is what I deal with, this is who I am, and this is my partner.’ It’s hard and hopefully we can be an example for a million other couples out there.”