Amina Buddafly Tara Wallace
“Love & Hip Hop: New York” star Amina Buddafly explains her complicated relationship with Peter Gunz and Tara Wallace. VH1

Fans were shocked when it was revealed during the Season 6 premiere of VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop: New York” that Peter Gunz and his wife Amina Buddafly were living in the same apartment building as Peter’s ex, Tara Wallace. Amina and Tara aren’t exactly the best of friends, and by episode 2 it was clear their living arrangements were only causing more problems.

If you’ll recall, Amina found out Peter was still cheating on her with Tara. After a blowup fight in Tara’s apartment, Amina revealed she was pregnant again.

In an interview with VH1 published Saturday, Amina attempted to explain how they all ended up living in the same apartment building. “I was the one that suggested Tara coming closer to us,” the singer admitted. “I didn’t necessarily mean her moving into the same building.”

Amina said she came up with the suggestion because it was a lot on her husband to drive out to the city’s borough of Queens to visit his children with Tara.

“That distance was an issue for him to always make that drive in the morning. And I didn’t want that anymore, so I said, ‘You need to figure it out,’” Amina told VH1. “I don’t know what I was thinking. I think I’m just too nice, and I think I will always be that way even though I get burned and I get played.”

The former Black Buddafly singer said she hopes Season 6 will be the end of the drama surrounding herself, Peter and Tara. Even though Amina and Peter are going through a rough patch, it appears the couple is still together and trying to work things out. Last week, Amina posted on Instagram a photograph of Peter with their daughter Cori, writing in the caption, “Happy birthday, we love you.”