Tara Wallace Love & Hip Hop interview
"Love & Hip Hop: New York" star Tara Wallace opens up about her new baby and her relationship with ex-boyfriend Peter Gunz. VH1

Fans of “Love & Hip Hop: New York” have watched Tara Wallace’s drama with ex-boyfriend Peter Gunz and his wife Amina Buddafly unfold throughout Season 6 of the VH1 show. To say things are complicated could be a bit of an understatement. Over the span of a few episodes, viewers witnessed Tara and Amina get into arguments over Peter, Amina terminate a second pregnancy because of the "love triangle" and Tara sit Peter down to tell him she's expecting baby number three.

As the show gets ready to head into its season finale, International Business Times chatted with Tara about the current status of her relationship with Peter (and Amina), her new baby boy Gunner and why she turned her experiences into a self-help book.

International Business Times: How has it been adjusting to life with a new baby?

Tara Wallace: It’s been fun! I feel a little bit more relaxed. With your first baby every time the baby cries you’re a little bit frantic. So this time around I’m a little bit more confident, the anxiety is not there. If he cries for two seconds, I’m not freaking out so I think I’m just able to create a more relaxed environment. Sometimes juggling cooking and doing homework can be a little crazy, but for the most part it’s just been a lot of fun. We enjoy him a lot more because I know this phase that we’re in only last two seconds and then they’re walking and talking.

IBT: Will fans get a picture of baby Gunner soon?

Tara: They are going to get a picture of baby Gunner soon. Probably in a few weeks, hopefully.

IBT: And how has Peter been with the new baby? How’s that going with you guys?

Tara: Peter’s a fun dad. I always say, believe it or not, he’s the dad anybody would want. He’s fun. He walks in the door with a bag of candy and video games and toys for no reason … he just completely believes in spoiling the kids and with the new addition he’s kind of the same way. But since we have two children anyway, I kind of expected that. He’s still the same, and as far as we’re concerned it’s so weird and, you know, the world was in an uproar about it but we’re just family whether we’re together or not.

IBT: So is it just co-parenting, is that how you would describe your relationship with him now?

Tara: Absolutely. And believe it or not, that’s kind of how it’s been for some time, for some years. I know that the situation [pregnancy] happened but it kind of stands as us just co-parenting.

IBT: Can you describe your relationship with Amina? We’ve seen it on the show and you two have gotten into it, but can you tell me what it’s like now?

Tara: Well, the thing with Amina is people were like you always talk so badly about her, but you can’t find any place where I’ve spoken badly about her. When Amina got pregnant that just changed everything because I really had to accept — whether I liked it or not — that they’re having a child, so I always try to keep the energy where it needed to be which was on Peter because he was the only person I thought that owed me a conversation, an explanation. But I think my relationship with Amina was fine as long as I’m the one that’s kind of dealing with everything … as long as I’m accepting of all the changes, no matter how it makes me feel. When all of this happened, it wasn’t a situation where Peter was like ‘I’m in love with Amina,’ it was, ‘Well, I’m looking for my own place now this is too much for me.’ It was never where I befriended Amina, I was cordial to Amina and I accepted that [she] had a child now.

IBT: How have you been able to stay positive and not respond to the negative comments from fans?

Tara: I just know what they think the situation is, is just not true. It’s just a complicated situation and it’s not something I just invited myself into so I just have to do what’s right for me. But I gotta be honest, there are times I read stuff on social media and I say something back. I’m only human, just like anyone else, but for the most part I just try to remain calm and know that what people are responding to just isn’t true.

IBT: And I want to ask you about the reunion. I know you can’t really talk about it, but if you had to describe it in a few words what would they be?

Tara: I would say very unexpected, and a bit explosive.

IBT: Oh, wow. And can you tell us about your self-help book "The Goddess Potential"?

Tara: It’s co-authored between myself and Allyson Leak, and this is a project we started even before I got pregnant. It all started with conversations about the real conversations you have to have with yourself, which is how do I start over for me? … Our idea was that girls would read it and discuss it in a group with friends. So this is something we’re very excited about.

"The Goddess Potential: A Guide To Developing A Relationship With Your Inner Self" is available on Amazon, Create Space and Kindle.