Drum roll, please.

The couple leaving "Love Island" is... Yamen and Aissata. It turns out this duo received the least votes from America, but no need to worry, they plan on pursuing a relationship out in the "real world." 

The next day, the Islanders woke up to the cries of their new bundles of joy. That's right, America's favorite couples on the CBS series are now proud new parents to fake electronic babies. Shortly after the couples name, dress, and care for their newborns, they received the first text of the episode.  

The ladies get to have a mom's night out while the guys are left to care for the babies #daddydaycare. If caring for the babies means a stroller, diaper, relay-race accompanied by Zac dropping his baby on the head, then they did a phenomenal job.  

While the girls are getting ready, Kyra drops a bombshell on the ladies. No, she's not going to try to pursue a relationship with Weston. She admits that she really does "love" Cashel, which isn't exactly new news, but she revealed that she wants to pursue a relationship with him outside of the villa. Not sure if Jered, who she's currently coupled-up with, knows this. 

When the couples are reunited, they say farewell to their babies and party it up. Then, in true "Love Island" fashion, Weston received a text. It's the last night in the villa for one couple. 

Find out who America voted for and who will be kicked out of the villa on Monday. 

"Love Island" air weeknights at 8 p.m. EST on CBS through Aug. 7.