• Chanel, the French luxury brand, is working on face masks amid the coronavirus pandemic
  • The brand has already sent the prototype designs to the authorities for approval
  • Brands like Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Ralph Lauren are also helping in making protective gear

One of the world’s most luxurious brands is helping the French government in producing protective gear for the people and the medical staff who are working tirelessly to cure the patients suffering from COVID-19.

Chanel, the French luxury brand, is all set to work on face masks amid the coronavirus pandemic, reports Harpers Bazaar. The fashion house confirmed the news by issuing a press release and noted that they are already working on the prototype designs. The company further stated that the designs will be sent to the authorities for approval.

The fashion house also revealed that a total of 150 sewing specialists have joined them in completing the task of making face masks and gowns. Bruno Pavlovsky, president of fashion in Chanel, further explained that the organization is still waiting for approval, so that they can launch production as soon as possible.

“Today, we are mobilizing our partner manufacturers and teams, including close to 150 sewing specialists to produce protective face masks and gowns. We have started the approval process with the public authorities. We will launch production as soon as the prototypes and raw materials have been approved,” the statement read.

Also, the renowned fashion brand has made a donation worth 1.2 million euros to the emergency fund created by the authorities. Pavlovsky noted that the money will be used in taking care of all the medical personnel who have been working without even taking a day off.

“Chanel has decided to show its support for hospitals and healthcare structures by making a financial contribution of 1.2 million euros to the emergency fund. These sums will be used to support hospital workers who have been on the front line since the start of the epidemic,” Pavlovsky said.

There have been various reports of organizations laying off their workers due to the pandemic and a lot of people have come out on social media to call out their employers for firing them in such a crucial time.

On the other hand, Chanel has promised its employees that their jobs are safe and will get full salaries for the next eight weeks. Chanel joins the likes of Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren, and Prada who are working to make protective gear to help fight the deadly disease.

France is the sixth country to witness more than 50,000 cases of coronavirus. The country has documented 3,523 deaths due to the disease while more than 9,000 people have recovered so far.

Luxury brand Chanel was accused of animal cruelty after a video of two dogs in crates inside a Chanel store in London was posted on Instagram. This is an image of a person walking past a Chanel store on Bond Street in London, Jan. 24, 2011. Dan Kitwood/Getty Images