A new startup is making a Google Assistant-powered touchscreen that functions as a smart home hub. Called Lynky, the new device functions like a Google Home speaker with its own touchscreen display and it will be able to control users’ smart home device.

Lynky can sit on top of a desk powered by a USB cable or can be mounted on a wall. Lynky is powered by Google Assistant, the very same digital assistant that’s on the Google Home smart speakers and on Android smartphones. Users will be able to give out voice commands and use Lynky to search the web and play music, just like the Google Home.

Lynky seems like an Amazon Echo Show competitor as it utilizes a voice assistant and a display. On the Echo Show, users are able to make video calls. However, the display on the Lynky will primarily be used to control the user’s smart home devices and become the user’s smart home hub.

Lynky has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and most importantly Zigbee built-in. Zigbee is a widely used wireless standard that’s already found on numerous smart home products. With Zigbee onboard, this means that users won’t have to install several apps to control their smart home devices.

Various mart home devices like Philips hue, Nest, August Home, Ring, GE Lighting, iHome, TP-Link and more are compatible with Lynky straight out of the box, according to Android Police. Users will only have to use the 5-inch touchscreen on Lynky to set up their smart home devices. Users can also have multiple Lynkys set up in their home, and all of them will sync with each other automatically.

“The Lynky smart home hub lets you take command of your smart home with its powerful, easy-to-use interface...without complicating your life. Use the touchscreen, built-in Google Assistant voice control or the Lynky mobile app to control your various connected gadgets,” the Lynky startup said on its Indiegogo page. “Put a Lynky in every room for the ultimate in convenience. Whether it's the desktop version, or the wall version that replaces a light switch, they all stay securely in sync with each other.”

The only disappointing thing about Lynky is that its touchscreen seems to have limited functionality. Users won’t be able to install apps or even watch videos, as pointed out by CNET. However, the most attractive thing about it is its price.

When Lynky launches in January 2018, it will sell for $149. However, the first 100 backers to preorder from its Indiegogo page can get it for just $99. Once those are gone, there will also be 250 units available for just $119.

Considering that this is the very first Google Assistant smart speaker with a touchscreen display, Lynky seems like good deal for now. However, Google is already rumored to be making its own Amazon Echo Show competitor currently codenamed “Manhattan." Google’s Manhattan device is said to arrive in mid-2018 with a 7-inch display. Like its other Home smart speakers, the rumored Manhattan device will be powered by Google Assistant.