Users who have the new MacBook pro with Touch Bar will not be able to see the battery life indicator anymore, The Loop reported Tuesday.

The battery mark was removed when users updated to macOS Sierra 10.12.2, which means the battery icon in the menu bar will display remaining battery percentage but won't provide estimate how long the MacBook Pro's battery will last.

Why it was Removed

The company says the battery life indicator is inaccurate and has led to confusion among users about the battery life.

“Apple said the percentage is accurate, but because of the dynamic ways we use the computer, the time remaining indicator couldn’t accurately keep up with what users were doing,” The Loop reported. “Everything we do on the MacBook affects battery life in different ways and not having an accurate indicator is confusing.”

Besides the apps users use all the time, there are many other things that are happening in the background that affects the battery life that users may not notice.

Customer Complaints

Users complained about the battery life in a thread on Apple’s support forum.

One customer said :

“I just received my new 15" MacBook Pro with touch bar. The battery life is horrible!!! I have Safari open with 6 tabs and with 95% battery, I am told that I have under 3 hours of battery life left! I thought these things were supposed to get 10 hours? I ran the battery down in 3 hours last night only browsing the web. I wasn't watching videos, just browsing. Is there something wrong with my laptop?”

Apple has done extensive battery life testing and said they stand behind the 10-hour battery life with the new MacBook Pro, according to The Loop.