Madonna's Manhattan neighbor has sued her co-op and the building's management company saying the pop star's habit of rehearsing with loud music is a nuisance for other residents.

Madonna and one or more of her invited guests repeatedly dance and/or train in apartment 7A to unreasonable high decibel amplified music, causing noise and vibration to pour through the walls, said the lawsuit, filed on Friday in New York State Supreme Court.

Karen George, who lives directly above the 51-year-old singer in the Upper West Side building, sued the co-op's board of directors and Midboro Management Company, saying nothing had been done since George first complained about the noise in 2008.

George said she has been forced to vacate the building, which overlooks Central Park, during Madonna's rehearsal sessions because the noise and vibrations become unbearable.

The management company and Madonna's spokeswoman both declined to comment.