“Mafia III” is already out and so is the latest patch for the game. The update weighs in at 1.2GB and it is already available for download from Steam this Saturday.

The latest update for the PC version of “Mafia III” is currently live on Steam, and GearNuke reports that it removes the 30 FPS cap, so players can now adjust the game to the framerate of their liking provided it is supported by their computer.

The three framerate options that comes with patch 1.01 are 30, 60 and unlimited FPS. Players who want to switch from one framerate to a different framerate may now do so just by heading to the display menu and looking for the options in the framerate settings once the patch is installed.

In addition to the framerate options, “Mafia III” patch 1.01 also comes with keyboard remapping improvements. This feature is set by default after the patch has been installed, so players are advised to check the controls menu for customization options.

Aside from releasing the new patch for “Mafia III,” the makers of the game also teased about what’s to come in the near future on the official “Mafia III” website. The developers stated that free new content and features are arriving soon now that the game has been launched.

Listing what new things are coming soon, the developers wrote that players will get new character outfits, free weapons, more vehicle customization, free races and more stories that will be set in New Bordeaux in upcoming expansions.

The developers revealed that they have been working on the new story expansions even before “Mafia III” was released on Oct. 7. In fact, there are three major paid expansions that are currently in the works, namely: “Faster, Baby!” “Signs of the Times” and “Stones Unturned.”

Describing “Mafia III” in a review article, Forbes says it is game with “a story of revenge, beauty, hate and imperfection” and gameplay that “isn’t flawed or repetitive.”

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