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It may seem like a cliché, but there are those who, through endurance, creativity, and tenacity, paved the way for themselves on the path of destiny. Take Michael Chierchio, a productivity expert who's always looking for ways to enhance output and efficiency in business and provide quality customer experience across the board. Michael is a serial entrepreneur and the creator of the unique new App, Magiscriptor, that helps brands write better product descriptions.

Michael Chierchio
Magiscriptor App Creator Michael Chierchio, Demonstrates The Art Of Tenacity In The Face Of Odds Michael Chierchio

Although it may seem like Michael has everything going for him nowadays, that's not how the story began. From a humble beginning and conservative background, Michael has always been driven to develop creative ways of earning a decent income.

At various points in his life, he was launching several businesses on his way to financial fulfillment, all so that he wouldn't have to wait for handouts. Michael realized early in life that he had to be tenacious and keep being creative in business. And through several ups and downs, he's shown that the only thing that matters is to keep on.

"I was a musician. I was a plumber," says Michael, whose parent's also helped instill his go-getter spirit. "That's how I got started with entrepreneurship; I had my own plumbing company by the time I was 21."

After running his plumbing company for a while, things went south, and the business slowed down. Then quite by instruments of fate, Michael found himself working in the entertainment space when he started a club in Brooklyn. That's how he got into the music business. Basically, he did everything regarding working at the nightclub.

According to him, "I learned how to do audio engineering. From that, I learned how to take tickets at the door, run shows, and put shows together," he recalls. "We'd have four or five bands playing by the night's end."

Although the money they made running the gig was small, it was a start that allowed Michael to learn some soft skills that would help him in years to come in business. However, even though he was working in the music scene, making extra money to keep body and soul together, Michael didn't completely abandon his first call, plumbing.

In fact, plumbing was a family business; his father and grandfather before him were plumbers, and Michael learned to be a plumber early in life. "I would do plumbing work as my day job," he says, and then he would work at his nightclub/studio space at night for band rehearsals, performances, and live recordings. The show they had was mostly on weekends, and people of all ages attended the gigs. It was a great time for everyone, according to Michael Chierchio, not just for the band but for the guests.

"It was a nice environment. We had plenty of security; the parents would just drop the kids off and then go because they knew we had it under control. We never had any cops called to the place. There was never any hazard in the five years that we were open. It was a wonderful place that parents felt secure letting their kids go to," he says.

But like most good things, Michael's days of running his musical career soon came to a close and were eclipsed by his recent entrepreneurial drive in the e-commerce space. Being innovation-minded and productivity-driven, he always wanted to do things better, make the most of business opportunities, and make tasks less daunting.

In the e-commerce industry, great product descriptions must be emphasized. The success of a brand or product has a lot to do with the product description, how the idea is communicated to the audience and how well the message is crafted. Usually, the idea behind a product or brand is not straightforward, and people find themselves stuck with lame descriptions and little or no conversions.

With the Magiscriptor App, the problems of poor product descriptions that have little or no impact are taken care of. As a productivity expert, Michael Chierchio knows the importance of running businesses efficiently and has seen the frustration that can line up when a company needs to use innovative tools to drive growth and secure customer loyalty.

Available both on the Google play store and Apple store, Magiscriptor is an AI-writing mobile app that helps users to generate unique and awesome product descriptions in seconds, allowing them to project their brands more effectively. "The App is very easy to use," says Michael. "You can have an enticing brand-new product description for your listing in mere seconds. Magiscriptor can generate beautiful, attractive, and SEO-optimized product descriptions faster than taking a sip of coffee."

In essence, Magiscriptor writes compelling descriptions designed to drive conversion and boost sales for your business. And that's not all; these product descriptions can be used on multiple platforms such as Poshmark, Mercari, Depop, eBay, Grailed, Amazon, Facebook Marketplace, Carousell, Curtsey, Kidizen, and many more. Basically, the innovative app is great and compliant with any e-commerce site.

Moving forward, the savvy entrepreneur offers some insightful tips on how anyone can have a productive day. "My most productive is about an hour after I first wake up. Mornings are when our brains are functioning their best, having un-absorbed anything from the day yet," he illustrates. "I keep all distractions at a minimum; this helps me achieve a "flow-state" where ideas and creativity can manifest, and I can function at a higher level than normal."