“Mama June: From Not To Hot” finally came back to the small screen this week with an all-new season. For months, the second installment of the series has been teased to feature Mama June Shannon’s new boyfriend. Ahead of Season 2’s premiere, Shannon once again opened up about her newfound love.

“He is very, very awesome,” the 38-year-old told E! News during a studio interview. Shannon then cut to the chase and revealed that her new lover gave her a new perspective about men. “He actually restored my faith and the girls’ faith in men,” she said.

According to Shannon, it’s not just the big things her new man does that makes him lovable. “It’s the little things … he is above and beyond anything that I could ever expect,” she explained.

When asked about how she and her man met, the mother of four disclosed that they were introduced to each other by their “mutual friends.” She even noted that at first they simply wanted to be friends but “things just worked out” and they are now very happy with their romantic relationship.

Shannon went on to reveal that her new beau has already met her ex, Matt “Sugar Bear” Thompson. However, she maintained that she does not at all care what Honey Boo Boo’s father thinks about her love life. “As long as I’m happy and the girls are happy at the end of the day, that’s all that matters to me,” she said.

Shannon also gushed about her boyfriend — who still remains anonymous to date — when she sat down with Us Weekly last week. “[My boyfriend] came into our life when we actually needed someone to say, ‘’OK, all men aren’t bad. It’s been a long time. I mean, it’s been a good, probably, 15 years since I’ve been happy.”

She also addressed the rumors at the time that her new man was just dating her for the money. She said, “That’s not the case. He makes very good money. He does remodelling and construction work, so he makes good money himself.”

“Mama June: From Not To Hot” airs Fridays at 9 p.m. EST on WE tv.