Mama June
“From Hot To Not” star Mama June Shannon showed off her sexy body in a “Baywatch”-inspired photoshoot. Pictured: Honey Boo Boo’s mother posing for the camera at the 24th Annual GLAAD Media Awards in New York on March 16, 2013. Reuters/Carlo Allegri

Mama June Shannon is definitely ready for the summer waves. The reality star even donned a sexy red one-piece swimsuit recently to flaunt her size 4 body in a “Baywatch”-inspired photoshoot.

The 37-year-old reality TV star did the shoot to show off her newfound confidence now that she’s down to 137 pounds — a big difference from her 460 pounds in 2015. In the photo that was first shared online by Us Weekly, a sultry Mama June smiles at the camera while posing with a red rescue buoy as her prop. She’s apparently channeling the female lifeguards in the iconic ‘90s show. Her blonde hair even makes her look as though she’s trying to pull a Pamela Anderson when the latter was still part of the sizzling series. View the photo here.

Mama June has been making headlines ever since she lost 300 pounds during her participation on WEtv’s “From Hot To Not.” At present, the TV personality looks leaner thanks to weight loss surgery, skin removal surgery and breast augmentation. She also had her teeth fixed for $10,000, as pointed out by Daily Mail.

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The last time Mama June wore a red bathing suit was in July 2015 for a similar “Baywatch”-inspired shoot in Panama City, Florida. At the time, she only lost 60 pounds. Thus, comparing her then photo to her latest swimsuit glamour shot easily shows how far Mama June has come in her weight loss journey.

In March of this year, she stepped out in a red-hot dress when she attended ex Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson’s wedding. It was revealed at the time that the revenge gown was one of Mama June’s motivation to go through the extreme weight loss. “He really made me feel like [crap], [and] I wanted to show him, ‘Hey, I can do [whatever] I want to do,’” she said. “I wanted to show him, like, I am actually worth it.”

Following the $75,000 surgeries Mama June went through, youngest daughter Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson admitted that she’s seen “a lot of changes” in her mother. She even revealed that her mom “walks around the house naked and stuff” after the drastic transformation.

While many have accused Mama June of cheating her way into getting a sexier body, she is not at all bothered by the negativity. “It’s not like I’m ‘Miss Plastic,’” she told People last month. “I don’t consider a tummy tuck or face skin removal ‘plastic surgery.’ I believe it’s something that makes you feel better than you did with the skin hanging. I can promise you I’m never going back to my old size. I’m happy where I’m at.”

Despite going through extreme measures to shed off pounds, Mama June still eats unhealthy food, albeit sparingly now. In a joint interview with ABC News, Mama June and Honey Boo Boo were asked if there’s still junk food in the house. The “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” star revealed, “Every once in a while she will bring in some unhealthy but it’s mostly healthy.”

Mama June then admitted that losing weight is not at all easy. “You have to work almost every day, it’s hard,” she quipped.