Best boyfriend ever? Proving that it’s the thought that counts and not money, Riley Rankin gave his girlfriend Denisha Bracey the most thoughtful gift.

Denisha a resident of Halifax, Nova Scotia, had been dealing with anxiety and panic attacks lately. For this, Riley surprised her with his considerate action on their second anniversary- a prescription bottle of ‘love pills.’

“The last couple weeks I’ve been struggling with anxiety and panic attacks and my boyfriend has been helping me a lot with this. Our 2 year anniversary just came up and he made me this beautiful gift,” read Denisha’s Facebook post which has now gone viral.

Describing the gift, she wrote, “He made me love pills. Every pill capsule is filled with a little note that says something loving or sweet, something that will make me happy or a good quality about me. He bought empty capsules and filled every single one and put them in an empty pill container.”

When Denisha first saw the gift, she told HuffPost how confused she was, thinking Rankin had given her medicine. But when she realized what it actually was, she was truly touched by the gesture.

The messages inside the love pills read, “You have the ability to make everyone around you happy” and “Be proud of yourself, you are amazing, think of all the things you’ve accomplished!”

Good News Network quoted Riley saying, “It took almost three hours to get everything together. It was definitely worth the time. I wanted to maker happy, I wanted her to be able to cope with anxiety when I’m not around- or even when we’re having an argument or I just can’t be there for her.”

Denisha hopes the gesture inspires people to do something for people they appreciate. “Gifts don’t have to cost $100 to be meaningful, with a couple bucks and creativity, you get the best gift ever!" she wrote on her post.

Netizens were impressed with this creative gesture and even declared Riley “Boyfriend of the year.”

“This is the sweetest thing ever!” wrote a user.

“Boyfriend of the year award winner hands down.” Commented another.

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