A man heroically rescued three children from fire after an explosion destroyed a family home Sunday night, causing two adults to sustain extreme injuries.

A barefoot Guy Philippe reportedly ran out of his home in West Archwood Street when he heard the boom. He then dashed to the house, saving the children on his own before first responders arrived at the scene.

Philippe was least bothered about his own safety when he rushed to the children's rescue. According to ABC7, Philippe didn't want the kids to be hurt, and he was prepared for anything and everything. The hero had a large nail stuck in his heels while talking to the outlet. The kids were clueless as to what happened when Philippe mustered up the strength to save them from the clutches of death.

A report from the Los Angeles Daily News said that seven people were at the house when the explosion occurred. The roof of the exploded house landed on the lawn of a home two houses away, while the explosion eviscerated the garage.

Debris covered the street until Monday as officials were trying to determine what caused the explosion. Police had the assistance of the fire department while investigating the blast.

The investigation concluded when firefighters detected a gas leak. The firefighters secured the leak with the help of the gas company responsible for the infrastructure in the area.

A similar incident involving a gas leak happened in February when a cat saved a family from a dangerous gas leak. A rescue cat was playing with its owner when it suddenly stopped and started sniffing a valve. This strange behavior eventually led to the family calling the gas company to investigate. In the end, the gas company confirmed it was a dangerous gas leak and fixed it up.

Representational picture of firefighters putting out a fire. David Mark/Pixabay