• Ana Weed was fatally shot on Jan. 24, 2017
  • Hector Arturo Campos was ordered to pay $70 million for wrongful death in a verdict last month
  • Campos was sentenced to 45 years in prison 

Spring, Texas, -- A Texas man who killed his once-fond neighbor after being upset about the incidents that led to his divorce has been sentenced to 45 years in prison, almost five years after the murder.

Hector Arturo Campos, 48, from Spring was convicted of fatally shooting his neighbor, 53-year-old Ana Weed, in broad daylight while the victim stood with her dog in her front yard on Jan. 24, 2017, Law & Crime reported.

Campos had a good bond with Weed for almost 10 years, but their relationship grew bitter with a trip the former had planned for his family in June 2016.

Campos, who booked a vacation to Mexico, changed his mind last minute and attempted to cancel the trip. However, Campos' now estranged wife who was keen on going, asked Weed for help to get dropped at the airport, and Weed obliged. Soon after the woman left with his daughter, Campos filed for divorce.

On the day of the murder, Campos confronted Weed, thinking that she knew where his estranged ex-wife and daughter lived. The confrontation led to an argument, and Campos kicked at Weed's dog. While trying to retrieve her pet, Campos fatally shot her.

The investigators arrested Campos 10 days after the murder. In a civil trial early last month, a jury rejected Campos' claim of self-defense and ordered him to pay $70 million for wrongful death.

In a victim impact statement read in court, Weed's sister, Carmen Guillen, said she was initially shocked by the incident. "You (Campos) took away the life of an incredible and valuable person. We will cherish her memory and she will never be forgotten. She lives on through her son and grandchildren," Guillen said, as reported by SK Pop.

"It took 5 and half years for justice, but I don't hate him. And one day, I'll forgive him, you know, for what he did," Weed's mother, Virginia Montalvom, said.

Meanwhile, during the sentencing, Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg described Campos as a "violent and vengeful man who killed his neighbor simply because they did not get along."

"Ana Weed, a loving wife, mother, and, grandmother, is dead and her family is devastated because an angry man with a gun could not control himself," Ogg observed.

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