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The number of people feeling stuck in their jobs rose as the recession put promotions on hold and crippled the job market.

But there is no reason to endure a job you don't like or that doesn't challenge you. Fortunately, quitting isn't your only option. Try transforming your current job by changing one or more of these three things instead:

1. Tasks. You can alter your job by taking on more or fewer tasks, different types of tasks, or by simply changing the way you do the tasks you currently have.

2. Relationships. Change the nature and degree to which you interact with others. Take on a mentee, or spend more time getting to know people in other departments.

3. Perception. Think about your job in a different way. If there are parts you don't like, separate them from the parts you do like. See your job as two jobs: one that you must do, and one that you enjoy doing.

Today's Management Tip was adapted from Turn the Job You Have into the Job You Want by Amy Wrzesniewski, Justin M. Berg and Jane E. Dutton.