Marijuana dispensaries in states like California and Colorado had experienced unprecedented spikes in sales during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. New reports reveal that marijuana sales continue to surge, with sellers throughout the country benefiting from customers who have stocked up amid widespread lockdowns.

Marijuana e-commerce platform Jane Technologies reported that the average-store revenue at 1,300 stores jumped 52% to 130%. Marijuana sales tracker Flowhub reported that sales from March 16-22 were up 50% from the same period last year in key U.S. markets. 

Some markets have seen significant revenue surges. Flowhub reported that Denver dispensary sales jumped 392% from noon to 4 p.m. on March 23.

“Business is up a good 50 percent,” a Manhattan dealer speaking anonymously to the New York Post said. “I work in every borough except Staten Island, and people are very happy that my service is running. Customers are saying ‘Thank you.’”

Medical dispensaries in Arkansas recently saw the biggest sales day in their short history. According to the state’s Department of Finance and Administration, $565,000 worth of medicinal pot was purchased on March 20. Dispensaries first opened in the state in May 2019 and there are currently 21 locations.

While some states are seeing sharp upticks in business, others are cracking down on recreational marijuana as a non-essential service. On Tuesday, the Massachusetts state government moved to shut down its dispensaries for all sales that are not medical.

Brooklyn Arboretum, a medical marijuana operation in New York, recently shut down delivery services as the city has become an epicenter for the COVID-19. In a note to its customers, Brooklyn Arboretum urged people to stop “inviting deliveries into your home.”  Four states may add their names to the list of 11 US states that legalized recreataional marijuana sales. medical recreational marijuana and cancer risk Photo: cheifyc - Pixabay