• "Mario Golf: Super Rush" is now available
  • The game exclusively launched on Nintendo Switch
  • It is the sixth installment in the hit "Mario Golf" series

"Mario Golf: Super Rush" features a special Speed Golf challenge that players need to complete to get into the game's final course. But to do that, they need to beat Luigi and Donkey Kong first. Here are some tips and tricks on how to defeat these characters.

"Mario Golf: Super Rush" players have to take the pro Speed Golf challenge at the Wildweather Woods course after defeating the Sacred Flamebeast. This course can be really challenging, especially for players who get into the competition unprepared. Players need to bring their A-game if they want to win. Otherwise, it would be difficult for them to keep up with the competition.

Also, unlike in earlier Speed Golf challenges where players race to complete holes within a given period, in this pro challenge, they need to achieve a much faster time than Luigi and Donkey Kong. The fastest player gets three points, the second-fastest player gets two and the one who comes last obtains one point. Whoever gets the highest number of points at the end of 18 holes wins.

Mario Golf: Super Rush - Overview Trailer - Nintendo Switch
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To win against Luigi and Donkey Kong in the pro challenge of "Mario Golf: Super Rush," players need to use the special dash to knock the balls off the fairway. If possible, players should knock them over. It is also crucial that players plan their first shot for every hole while the countdown timer is still up.

Players should always aim to be the first to tee off to collect the stamina hearts ahead of Luigi and Donkey Kong. To avoid being struck whenever the risk of lightning is high, players need to switch to a more powerful club. It is also important that they restart whenever they get less than six points from the first two rounds.

"Mario Golf: Super Rush" players should also use a little power when considering the wet green. In order to get the ball faster, they must invest attribute points in speed and stamina. Moreover, for players to move around the course faster, they should equip the Attack attire alongside the Woodsy of Grass Shoes.

It is also crucial that players learn the course aside from having a plan in all eighteen holes. More importantly, players should use special shots when there is a risk of lightning or for long drives.

"Mario Golf: Super Rush" is a golf video game from Camelot Software Planning. The game is exclusively available on Nintendo Switch. It is the sixth installment in the hit "Mario Golf" series.