Mark Salling
Mark Salling arrives for a court appearance at United States Courthouse - Central District of California on June 3, 2016, in Los Angeles. Getty Images/Frederick M. Brown

Mark Salling was recently spotted at a 7-Eleven in Los Angeles two weeks after he pled guilty to possession of child pornography.

The “Glee” actor was also seen getting out of 7-Eleven with a liter of Sprite on hand. He was wearing black long-sleeved top and navy blue sweats. According to People, it was the same attire he wore when he was also spotted outdoors last week.

According to The Blast, the 35-year-old actor will be sentenced to four to seven years in prison after cutting a plea deal on Oct. 4. In the court documents obtained by the publication, it has also been stated that Salling should register as a sex offender. He also cannot communicate with anyone under the age of 18 unless in the presence of a parent or a legal guardian.

After his release from prison, Salling will be on a supervised release for the next 20 years. He is also required to stay away from parks, school yards, public swimming pools, playgrounds and video arcade facilities within 100 feet. He was also ordered by the court to attend a sex offender treatment program.

The actor, who played the role of Puck in the now debunked Fox series, was order to pay $50,000 in restitution to each of the his victims given that they came forward with their complaints.

According to the same publication, the actor used the computer in his home to download “thousands of images of child pornography” from April to December 2015. Salling allegedly used software that could make his IP address, but he showed the photos to an adult at least twice. The unnamed adult was the one who reported him to the police.

Law enforcement went to his home thereafter and found over 50,000 images and videos of child pornography on his laptop. Additionally, there were also 4,000 images in his flash drive.

Meanwhile, Salling is also involved in a rape case after he allegedly abused his ex-girlfriend, Jennie Marie Pacelli, sexually. In the audio recording obtained by investigative journalist Liz Crokin, Pacelli could be heard talking to Salling and asking him to apologize to her for taking her virginity, and he did.

Last year, Pacelli filed a police report saying that Salling sexually assaulted her.