Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg
Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg. REUTERS

Mark Zuckerberg sure knows how to pitch a good tease.

According to Reuters, the famous founder and chief executive of Facebook told reporters at the company's Seattle office the company is set to launch something awesome. He said the team in its Seattle office had developed the project and that's where it will be announced.

A spokesperson for Facebook did not return a request for comment.

Most reports believe the project will be something in mobile. The company's Seattle office recently launched Facebook's improved mobile site and has a background in it. Some say it could be a new app for the smartphones or tablets. Facebook has yet to introduce an app for the iPad.

Another rumor, courtesy of TechCrunch, is a new photo-sharing Facebook app. The blog recently reported that it had a 50MB file of images and documents on an app from Facebook that would let users share photos. It would be a separate app built especially for photo-sharing.

There are other rumors, such as a new mobile app development platform, based on HTML5. That rumor, which also comes from TechCrunch, says Facebook would launch the platform, codenamed Project Spartan, on Safari. Another rumor suggests another Facebook phone. INQ and HTC have already launched social Facebook phones.

Whatever it is, it will be good timing for Facebook on the heels of Google's recently unveiling its Google+ social network. The new network looks remarkably similar to Facebook in terms of aesthetics and could pose as a threat to Facebook's dominance.

Naturally the new social network from Google is a long ways away from being anything close to Facebook, some analysts say it does have some advantages. One advantage, thanks to Google's built in tie with Android, is of course in mobile, which would make a mobile related Facebook announcement come at a perfect time.

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