Married at first sight vaughn monet
Vaughn and Monet are still having trouble getting along after moving in together in "Married At First Sight" episode 4. A+E Networks

The “Married at First Sight” couples are moving in together in episode 4 of the FYI series, aptly titled "Moving In." The newlywed strangers aren’t having the easiest time making the transition, however. “They have to figure out where they’re going to live and how they’re going to manage this move in process,” sexologist Dr. Logan Levkoff explains. This episode saw couples deal with not only their living situations but also their finances.

Jamie and Doug

Doug and Jamie agree to find a new place together to start fresh. Doug is still living at home after being laid off, which concerns Jamie. He explains that he is employed now and has stayed at his home to save as much money as possible. The two look for apartments and find one in Harlem that they like, and Jamie’s dog even relieves herself on the floor. It’s clearly meant to be.

Jamie makes it clear that she wants financial security. The nurse is the first person in her family to graduate high school. She grew up in poverty, so she doesn’t want to marry anyone with a lot of debt or money troubles.

“The fact that she makes more money than me makes me nervous,” Doug says. He makes it clear that this fact only makes him want to work even harder to provide Jamie with the life she deserves.

Jamie also meets his family again. Doug’s mother is still skeptical, but Jamie is hoping to win her over.

Cortney and Jason

Cortney knows that Jason can’t be too far from his mom, but she also can’t be too far from work. A long commute on top of crazy hours only adds to the couple’s hectic schedules.

“I’m worried I’m not going to see you, like, ever,” Cortney says.

They decide to find their own apartment in Brooklyn, even though Cortney works in Manhattan. Jason needs to stay close to his ill mother, and his wife understands that.

When they discuss finances, Cortney admits that she is in debt with student loans and money owed to her parents, while Jason says he does have some savings. They see some apartments that are out of their price range, but finally find an apartment in Park Slope that they love.

The couple almost has their first fight while moving into the apartment when Jason can’t deal with all the hangers Cortney has, but his wife leaves him alone and decides that he is just cranky. The two share some wine and forget that it happened.

Monet and Vaughn

Spiritualist Greg Epstein says that they both think they want a very traditional relationship, but they were fighting before the honeymoon was over. They have to decide if Vaughn is moving to Harlem or if Monet is moving to southern New Jersey. Monet visits Vaughn’s home and Vaughn sees Monet’s apartment. Vaughn says that his job is more flexible, and he decides to move to Harlem.

Monet says, “I would just hope that he does not become resentful towards me because he’s had to give up so much.”

The two discuss finances. “As a guy you want a girl that’s somewhat reliant on you to a degree,” Vaughn says. They agree to split bills 50/50, but Vaughn says that dates are on him.

They aren’t as agreeable about socializing. Monet wants her husband to meet all of her friends and come to brunch, while Vaughn is a little more introverted. He needs more quiet time than his new wife.

“I don’t know how to make him happy,” she admits.

He feels like his wife is interviewing him rather than conversing with him.

“I still have my apartment in Jersey, so if it gets to the point where I’m that uncomfortable around here, I will not be spending the night here,” Vaughn says, threatening to potentially move out.

“Married At First Sight” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EDT on FYI. Do you think Vaughn and Monet will stay together or will Vaughn return to Jersey? Sound off in the comments section below!