“Married at First Sight” Season 8 is coming to a close, and the couples are split. The finale of the Lifetime reality show revealed that two are staying together, and two are choosing to divorce.

AJ and Stephanie

AJ explains that he mentally designed his perfect wife, and the experts fulfilled everything on his list. He knows that his wife is flexible with him, but he has also been learning to think about his her needs.

Stephanie struggled with AJ’s temper, but that isn’t enough to break them up. They both want to stay together.

Will and Jasmine

Jasmine says they have issues with connecting emotionally and sexually. Will thinks their physical intimacy really improved recently.

Jasmine thinks Will always wants her to agree with him. They still don’t agree on gender roles, and Will isn’t sure this is the type of relationship Jasmine wants. He doesn’t want her to make a sacrifice and resent him later. Meanwhile, Jasmine wants Will to have clearer career and money goals for the future.

When it comes time to reveal their decisions, Jasmine says it takes time to grow and learn about a person. She wants to stay married because they haven’t been able to grow during filming.

Unfortunately, Will is ready to end their marriage. He agrees that they could benefit from more time, but he doesn’t feel like they communicate well. He wants a divorce.

The experts are disappointed and feel like they’re missing out by not giving this marriage longer. Will feels bad for hurting Jasmine’s feelings, but he knows this is for the best. Jasmine thinks Will had a timeline on the marriage and that he needed her to meet his needs 100%, which isn’t really realistic. She thinks he gave up.

MAFS Season 8 finale
The "Married at First Sight" couples made their decisions at the end of Season 8. Lifetime

Luke and Kate

It’s been a rocky road for these two. From Luke saying he is “repulsed” by kissing his wife to Luke accusing Kate of a drinking problems to Luke ignoring Kate after sex, it’s been a tough marriage for these two.

Despite all of their problems, Kate tells the cameras that she really cares for her husband and likes him a lot. “I have feelings for Luke, but I know sometimes feelings aren’t enough,” she admits.

Luke tells Kate that he really enjoys spending time with her. Kate really likes Luke’s personality, and she can finally tell that Luke actually likes her. When “Married at First Sight” expert Dr. Pepper Schwartz asks what Luke likes about Kate, he talks about her loyalty to friends and family and her personality. He finds it “attractive” that she knows him well enough to feel like they’re always on the same page.

However, Pastor Cal Roberson asks Kate what’s missing from that answer. She knows Luke isn’t physically attracted to her. Dr. Pepper asks how they had sex without attraction, and Kate explains that Luke is doing it to make her happy, not because he wants to. Luke doesn’t comment. The experts feel that their secrets hurt the marriage because they couldn’t get the help they clearly needed.

It’s time to make a decision and unsurprisingly, Kate wants a divorce. She doesn’t think they’ll both get what they need out of a marriage. Luke agrees that their relationship is emotionally draining, and a divorce is for the best.

In a rare turn of events, the experts even agree that this divorce decision is for the best. Pastor Cal reminds Kate that she is desirable and deserves a husband who wants her.

Keith and Kristine

These two tell the experts that they’ve had a wonderful but challenging experience. Keith was surprised by how much work needs to go into a relationship, but he loves the challenge.

They haven’t, however, said “I love you.” Kristine says that Keith told her he is at “L-O-V” and the last letter isn’t quite there yet. Pastor Cal thinks that’s ridiculous. Kristine also recalls their struggle with household responsibilities and their disagreement about when to have kids.

Kristine is worried that they’re just in a happy period, and this might not last. Keith, however, thinks that Kristine pushes him to be a better person. He wants to stay together. Luckily, Kristine wants to stay married too.

Keith finally says, “I love you.” Kristine tears up a little bit.

Will these two “Married at First Sight” couples last? Fans will have to tune in to next week’s reunion to see if they’re still together. The follow up special will also reunite the divorced couples. It airs next Tuesday at 9 p.m. EDT on Lifetime.