On Monday, Google announced new additions to the 5.0 edition of Google Earth, including ocean mapping, historical imagery, touring, and the addition of Mars terrain.

Ocean in Google Earth allow Users to watch videos from the archives of Jacques Cousteau, explore everything from sea creatures to underwater volcanoes, shipwrecks and even get advice on the best water sports.

A Duke University researcher who's one of the world's top experts on using geospatial technology to map oceans and marine life played a key role in developing content for the new virtual mapping software, Ocean in Google Earth.

Ocean uses images obtained from satellite imagery, undersea photography and global information system 3-D technology to enable users to dive beneath the surface of the sea and explore the ecosystems, species and geologic features.

There are also updates on the terrestrial side, including narrated tours and a historical imagery feature that allows users to go back and look at a particular area, like the Grand Canyon, over time.

You can download the Google Earth 5.0 beta here: