• Marshall has a new speaker for all music lovers
  • The new Uxbridge Voice offers loud sound in a compact form
  • The new speaker offers support for Apple AirPlay 2 and Amazon Alexa

Marshall has released a new portable speaker that combines its legendary sound signature with the convenience of having support for AirPlay 2 and Amazon's Alexa.

Famous audio brand Marshall is releasing the Uxbridge Voice – a new compact speaker that promises to deliver the same legendary sound that other Marshall speakers produce despite having a small body. This new speaker is so small that it can be placed anywhere around the home.

The Verge noted that the Uxbridge Voice is the latest Bluetooth speaker from Zound Industries, the company behind Marshall. It offers support Amazon's Alexa, which means users can use it to play their music without having to touch it or even having to sit near it.

The Uxbridge Voice is also the first Marshall speaker to offer support for AirPlay 2. This means Apple device users will be able to stream their music using the new compact speaker anywhere they take it. It also offers support for Spotify Connect, which means users can listen to their Spotify playlists using the new audio equipment wirelessly.

The new Marshall speaker has a few interesting features that fans of the brand should take notice of.

  • First, unlike other Marshall speakers, the Uxbridge Voice doesn't use knobs or dials to adjust volume levels. Instead, it uses volume rocker buttons located at the top of the device.
  • Second, like other Marshall speakers, the Uxbridge Voice allows users to adjust treble and bass levels for the perfect mix. This is perfect for those who love to personalize the way their music sounds.
  • Third, it features a play/pause button, as well as a button to mute or unmute the speaker's built-in far-field microphone purposefully placed there for Alexa. No more worries about Alexa eavesdropping.
  • Fourth, it features the iconic Marshall design. It encloses the speakers and other components inside a box that looks similar to the company's other amplifiers and speakers, and has the familiar gold-colored branding in front.
  • Fifth, it can be paired with the Amazon Echo and other speakers that have support for Alexa or AirPlay 2 to create multi-room setups.

The Marshall Uxbridge Voice comes in a black or white color, and is priced at $199. It will start shipping on April 8.