Charlie Sheen (left) and Martin Sheen present an award at the Primetime Emmy Awards event in Los Angeles, Aug. 27, 2006. Reuters/Mike Blake

When former "Two And a Half Men" actor Charlie Sheen was going through a public meltdown in 2011, his father, Martin Sheen, said he felt “powerless." There was nothing much he could do at that time except pray for his son. But the elder Sheen said he was always by his son's side and never lost hope.

The younger Sheen was ousted from the hit CBS comedy series because of his erratic behavior. The actor left actress wife actress Denise Richards and two children, and started living with a prostitute. His dad told Radio Times in an exclusive interview that as a father he tried to be available for his son but had to “be aware of the circumstances” and “many things that the public is not aware of."

The elder Sheen, who starred on “The West Wing,” also recalled a time when his son was finding it difficult to overcome steroid abuse. Charlie Sheen blamed his erratic behavior on the steroids and got criticized for doing so. But Sheen's father confirmed that steroids were indeed the reason why the actor had a meltdown. "Only those of us that knew him understood what was going on. I'm talking about steroids, at that time. He was in a very desperate situation," his father said.

His father revealed that Sheen did exactly what he felt would get him out of the situation. The "Anger Management" actor went public and it was very painful experience for him. Martin Sheen also had struggles with alcohol addiction, but has been sober for three decades. The elder Sheen sought help through Alcoholics Anonymous.

Martin Sheen said there was nothing much he could do during his son's meltdown except assure his son that he would always love him.