Max Levchin quit Google after it decided to shut Slide, the social apps company it bought just over a year ago for $200 million.

Google confirmed on Thursday Levchin, who founded Slide, was leaving. A Google spokesperson told AllThingsD, Most of the team from Slide will remain at Google to work on other opportunities.

It's likely some team members will join YouTube, which is also operated independently within Google, AllThingsD said. Slide has about 100 employees, with little attrition in the last year.

The news was delivered at an all-staff meeting in San Francisco on Thursday afternoon. It's unclear why Google is shutting down Slide, but its applications never took off as expected by Google during the acquisition. Some have also speculate Google wasn't able to entirely incorporate Slide within its larger social team.

Google had paid more than $45 million in bonuses to retain Slide's team when it acquired the company. The team had been working on several apps including SuperPoke Pets, messaging app Disco and photo-sharing app Photovine, which was released last week.

The transaction gave Google social Web expertise when it needed it and Levchin, who co-founded PayPal. The company has been focusing on the successful launch of its social networking service Google+.