Putin Phone
Russia has a 'Putin Phone' based on the Apple iPhone 6s to mark President Vladimir Putin's birth anniversary. Pictured above: Caviar Ti Gold Supremo Putin Phone Caviar Phone

Caviar, a Russian phone customization firm, has come up with the next iteration of the Putin Phone, dubbed "Caviar Ti Gold Supremo Putin." The phone is dedicated to the Russian President Vladimir Putin, and is based on the recently released Apple iPhone 6s.

The "Putin Phone" reportedly comes with the same under the hood configurations seen in the iPhone 6s. But then, the exterior of the device is entirely different from that of the aluminum alloy clad Apple device. For starters, Vladimir Putin's face has been embellished in gold on the back of the device. To top it off, a couple of lines of the Russian national anthem has also been inscribed on the chassis. Between them, the presidential emblem has been housed, according to GSM Arena.

As far as the overall design of the Putin Phone goes, the gold accents and embellishments stand out from the otherwise suave yet restrained base of the rear panel, which is apparently made of titanium. Moreover, the carefully chosen color contrast, along with the coarseness and strength of titanium reportedly show the nature of a "strong, invincible leader," The Next Web reported. Ultimately, the phone has a rugged, unbreakable look.

The Putin Phone, also known as Caviar Ti Gold Supremo Putin, has been manufactured to honor the Russian President on his birthday. As it turns out, a total of 63 units will be made to mark his age. Caviar has listed the Putin Phone price as RUB 199,000 for the 64 GB variant (about $3,249). The 128 GB model, on the other hand, can be availed for RUB 209,000 (about $3,412). The handset apparently comes with a luxurious wooden case and a free car charger.