Sleepless in Seattle actress Meg Ryan is 50-years-old and still America's Sweetheart.

Ryan has done it all in her acting career. Audiences love her most for her roles in romantic movies such as French Kiss, Addicted to Love, I.Q. and Kate and Leopold.

One of the most memorable scenes in her movie career was in When Harry Met Sally. She faked an orgasm while eating with Harry at Manhattan's Katz's Delicatessen and an old lady sitting closeby -- played by director Rob Reiner's mother -- quipped I'll have what she's having.

Ryan has starred in several movies with Tom Hanks, including the romantic comedy You've Got Mail in which they managed the impossible: making Internet hook-ups look fun and sweet.

Ryan has also proved her dramatic acting chops. She played an alcoholic in When a Man Loves a Woman and a daughter coping wih her difficult father -- played by the late Walter Matthau -- in Hanging Up.

She took a dip into more action-oriented movies such as Proof of Life in 2000, opposite a hunky Russell Crowe.

Here is a look at Meg Ryan throughout the years.