Meghan Markle has reportedly adopted Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton’s presidential moves to win over the public.

Judi James, a body language expert, told Express that Markle had been following a more presidential style to capture the hearts of the British people.

“Great body language performers like Bill and Hillary Clinton would always win a crowd over by communicating with individuals rather than an anonymous group. The first thing Bill would do when stepping in front of an audience was to point out individuals in that audience and wave at them as though he’s spotted an old friend, winning the entire crowd round in the process,” she said.

James said that Markle has been doing the same trick when she’s out in public.

“When Meghan is doing her meet and greets, she picks people out as individuals in a similar way, aiming her body language signals at individuals rather than the crowd as a whole. She also uses subtle lowering signals to lower her own status slightly which again sends out the message that she sees people as friends rather than fans,” the expert concluded.

Last weekend, James also discussed Markle and Kate Middleton’s different handshakes and said that the latter’s version has made her more special than the Duchess of Sussex.

The expert said that the Duchess of Cambridge’s approach is slightly more distant, but fit for someone who will one day become queen. Markle’s handshake, on the other hand, suggests that her goal is to create genuine moments of friendship with the public.

“This is a very personal handshake, using proximity, undivided attention signals, the active listening traits to ensure the ‘moment’ is made very special. Meghan holds the hand clasp quite high here, with her elbow bent at under a 90-degree angle while she self-diminishes very slightly to suggest subtle humility. Her eye contact and angled head tilt are ‘enquiring’ signals, showing a desire to listen as well as to talk,” she explained.

James’ comparison of the duchesses came on the heels of reports that they are feuding with each other. However, Kensington Palace released a rare statement saying that there is no truth to the claims.