She may be the focus of intense scrutiny and backlash over almost everything she does, but it doesn’t appear to deterred Meghan Markle’s alleged ambitions for if she ever makes a move back to the United States.

According to commentator Sam Rubin, experts say a documentary is in the works to propose a presidential run for the Duchess of Sussex, and the idea behind it is that the former actress’ passion for social activism means she could pursue a career in politics.

“A purported royal expert, someone who has worked with Prince Charles for eight years, is making a documentary,” he revealed. “The documentary is called ‘Meghan for President?’ and in it, he suggests that Meghan Markle is sincere about her social activism and she could pursue a career in American politics.”

“This documentary is about her speaking out on gender and racial equality issues. She does seem to be the most politically-oriented modern royal,” he added.

However, even of the Duchess isn’t considering a political run, it would be something she isn’t able to do. Not only is she bound to duties as a member of the British royal family, but doing something political would be a faux pas, as the family is expected to remain neutral on political topics throughout the world, regardless of their personal feelings.

Of course, that doesn’t mean Markle isn’t planning on doing some other things her own way, even if they would be frowned upon as well. According to other reports, the Duchess is intent on, should she have a second child, giving birth in the United States, because she felt isolated doing so the first time in the UK.

“Meghan already told pals that when she comes to deliver her next baby, she’d like to do it in LA where she was born and bred,” sources said. “She said that being pregnant in the UK without any of her family and friends felt incredibly lonely and uncomfortable for her.”

“So, she’s keen to change that the second time around and would like to buck tradition to ensure she’s happy—although that may ruffle feathers along the way,” the source added.