• Meghan Markle's voice can "soothe, calm and motivate" listeners, a vocal expert has claimed
  • The expert noted in her study that the Duchess of Sussex's delivery is relatively slow and deliberate
  • Markle narrated the Disneynature film "Elephants" and released an audio version of her book "The Bench"

Meghan Markle has a voice that is perfect for podcasts and audiobooks, a vocal expert has claimed.

Natalie Eastwood reported on the significance of voices and their ability to capture audiences in a study, for which the clinical lead in voice at the Newcastle Freeman Hospital in England teamed up with tech company Huawei.

Eastwood, a vocal rehabilitation expert for performing experts, analyzed celebrity voices based on their tone, volume, pitch and rate of speech and found that the duchess' was the best female voice for relaxing listeners, Daily Mail reported.

The vocal expert said that Markle has a voice that can "soothe, calm and motivate" listeners as she "varies her rate, pitch and volume for emphasis."

Eastwood noted in the study that the Duchess of Sussex's delivery is relatively slow and deliberate, with an average of 105 words per minute. Markle reportedly inserts a lot of pauses when she speaks and usually exhibits "mild breathiness."

Other celebrities and personalities analyzed by Eastwood included English actor Stephen Fry, who is known for his voiceover work in ads in the U.K. He is said to be "captivating, colorful and calming."

Meanwhile, former President Barack Obama is said to have the most "powerful" voice due to his "confident, commanding pitch."

A number of fans would likely agree with Eastwood’s analysis of Markle's voice. The former "Suits" star garnered praise last year for her narration of the Disney documentary, "Elephant."

"An incredible story of elephants and the incredible voice of the wonderful and intelligent person that told the story. [Markle's] voice is so soothing and interesting to listen to," one fan tweeted.

"I really loved that film and have been obsessed with elephants ever since! Meghan and Harry both have beautiful narration voices," another commented.

"I rewatched [it] a couple [of] weeks ago. The sweetest story and those elephants are so amazing on that long difficult trek. Meghan's voice and narration were perfect," a third person commented with a red heart emoji.

Last year, Markle and Prince Harry signed a multimillion-dollar deal with Spotify to host and produce their own podcasts.

The royal couple was last heard on their "Archewell Audio" Spotify podcast for the 2020 Christmas special, which featured several celebrities and notable personalities, including Sir Elton John, Stacey Abrams, Naomi Osaka and Tyler Perry, as well as their son Archie.

Markle also released an audio version of her children's book, "The Bench," in June.

Meghan Markle and her husband Prince Harry quit frontline British royal duties this year and moved to California
Meghan Markle and her husband Prince Harry quit frontline British royal duties this year and moved to California AFP / Michele Spatari